Computational Science Ventures

Thursday, Jan. 23, 2014
9 am–noon
Maxwell Dworkin G115, 33 Oxford St
Cambridge MA 02138

IACS's annual Computational Science Ventures mini-symposium explores the extraordinary entrepreneurial opportunities on the frontier of computational science. This year's theme was "Applications to Cyber-Physical Systems." Computational Science Ventures is organized by Alexander Wissner-Gross, a scientist, inventor and entrepreneur who is Institute Fellow at IACS.

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Marija Ilic
Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

Title: Smart Grids: End-to-End Cyber Physical Electric Energy Systems

This talk concerns modeling, analysis and design challenges and opportunities in cyber-physical electric energy systems, with emphasis on the role of smart electric grids in enabling sustainability of broader energy systems. I first summarize our vision of using control engineering and systems theory as a unifying theme for modeling energy systems as complex dynamic systems encompassing technical, economic, policy and information processes. Sensors and actuators are currently being deployed as part of smart grids. In order for these sensors and actuators to be deployed at value, it is essential to characterize the architecture of the physical grid and the characteristics/preferences of its users. I illustrate several qualitatively different physical architectures (bulk power systems, hybrid grids, fully distributed grids for developed world, and grids for the developing world), identify the key problems that require improvements and propose possible cyber architectures to support these improvements. The principles of cyber-physical systems (CPS) design are based on the end-to-end CPS framework referred to as Dynamic Monitoring and Decision Systems (DYMONDS). The talk will illustrate this framework using real-world data from the two Azores Islands featured in Engineering IT-Enabled Sustainable Electricity Services: The Case of Low-Cost Green Azores Islands. Finally, I present a possible DYMONDS actor-oriented computer platform for simulating smart grids and for supporting real-world operations of these systems.

Ted Morgan
Co-founder and CEO, Skyhook

Title: Building New Markets

In 2003 phones were dumb, the carriers ruled the world and venture capitalists were reluctant to invest in anything mobile after losing bundles in the dot com crash. Why would anyone start a company in that climate to build mobile infrastructure that relied on phones getting smarter, Wi-Fi becoming pervasive and everyday consumers caring about location? For five years the founders of a small company evangelized location as a core element of an explosive mobile market. Then, because of one phone call, it all happened. This is the story of Skyhook.  

Sokwoo Rhee
Presidential Innovation Fellow; Co-founder and former CTO, Millennial Net, Inc.

Title: Cyber-Physical Systems and the SmartAmerica Challenge

In cyber-physical systems, networking and information technology converges with engineered physical systems to create a new generation of systems that integrate distributed networks of sensors, controls, and processors. These systems are on the cusp of unleashing an extraordinary cycle of innovation in areas such as manufacturing, transportation, utility infrastructures, and buildings. The SmartAmerica Project brings together organizations with cyber-physical systems (CPS) technology, programs and test beds and connects them via an industrial internet to demonstrate the potential to improve safety, sustainability, efficiency, mobility, and overall quality of life. This presentation will also discuss technical issues for cyber-physical systems and the “Internet of Things,” such as real-time data exchange, deterministic communication, mesh networks, security, open common data architecture, and collaborations among difference industry segments.

Session Chair:
Alexander Wissner-Gross

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