Weathering the Data Storm: The Promise and Challenges of Data Science

Third Annual Symposium on the Future of Computation in Science and Engineering

9:00am - 6:00pm
Friday, January 24, 2014

Harvard Science Center
1 Oxford Street
Cambridge, M

Session Co-Chairs:
Hanspeter Pfister, Computer Science
Joe Blitzstein, Statistics
Pavlos Protopapas, Institute for Applied Computational Science

Industry leaders, researchers, and Harvard students came together for a day of lively conversation about the sweeping advances in data science at the intersection of statistics, computer science, and various domains. Leading experts in data science talked about the way organizations are using careful analysis of data to address important real-world issues, about the challenges of big data, and about the future of this exciting emerging field. This one-day symposium brought together data analytics professionals, domain scientists, academic researchers and users, and fosters an exchange of ideas through invited talks, panels, and plenty of audience interaction. Click here to download the symposium poster, and here to download a copy of the symposium program. 

8:30 AM Coffee
9:00 AM Welcome and Introduction
Presentation of prizes for the Student Computational Challenge
9:15 AM Session 1: What is data science?
Rachel Schutt
News Corp
Title: "What is Data Science?"
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Fernando Perez
UC Berkeley
"IPython: From Interactive Computing to Computational Narratives"
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Bonnie Ray
Title: "From Big Data to Better Decision Making"
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Jeff Heer
University of Washington
Title: "Interactive Data Analysis"
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Panel discussion
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11:45 AM Lunch break
1:45 PM Session 2: Data analysis in data science
Cynthia Rudin
Title: "Machine Learning for the Future: Healthcare, Energy, and the Internet"
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Diane Lambert
Google, Inc.
Title: "Statistics at Google Scale"
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Ryan Adams
Harvard University
"Taking Humans Out of the Machine Learning Loop"
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Panel discussion
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3:45 PM Coffee Break
4:00 PM Session 3: Data science applications
Claudia Perlich
Title: "Tales from the Data Trenches of Display Advertising"
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Yuan Yuan
Title: "What Does the Data Say?"
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Luke Bornn
Harvard University
Title: "XY: Basketball Meets Big Data"
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Panel discussion
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6:00 PM Symposium Closing

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