Rachel Schutt

Rachel Schutt

Senior Vice President of Data Science at News Corp
Adjunct Professor in the Department of Statistics, Columbia University
Rachel Schutt

Symposium: Weathering the Data Storm: The Promise and Challenges of Data Science

Friday, January 24 

Title: What is Data Science?

Abstract: As this is the first talk of the day, I will introduce some high-level themes that we should look out for throughout the day including the notion of building data product, the data science process, working toward an actual working definition of data science, and transparency and ethics with respect to the building of data products. This talk will be guided by my experience at Google, and my new role as the head of data science at News Corp, where data science meets digital journalism and publishing, illustrating data science's ever-expanding role in industry.

Bio: Rachel Schutt is senior vice president of data science at News Corp., which includes The Wall Street Journal, New York Post, The Times of London, The Sun, The Australian, HarperCollins, and Amplify. Previously a statistician at Google Research, she holds pending patents based on her work in the areas of social networks, large data sets, experimental design and machine learning. She is the co-author of the book Doing Data Science, published by O'Reilly in October 2013, an adjunct professor in the Department of Statistics at Columbia University and a founding member of the Education Committee for the Institute for Data Sciences and Engineering at Columbia. She earned her PhD in statistics at Columbia.